The Issues

Jim Quigley for Ulster County Executive Daily Freeman Debate with Jen Metzger


Jim Quigley understands that infrastructure is critical to the success of businesses and individuals. That includes brick-and-mortar issues like water, sewer, roads, and bridges; and it also includes modern infrastructure elements like broadband and cellular service access for all county residents.


The employment and supply chain impacts of the pandemic and post-pandemic state and federal policies are critical factors in the nation’s current economic turmoil. Now more than ever, we need smart, seasoned county leadership to offset the dysfunction in Washington and Albany. Jim Quigley’s financial expertise and his experience in running local government operations are exactly what we need to ensure that county policies and spending practices work to relieve the impacts of our national economy.


Jim Quigley knows that recent changes to the state’s bail laws have contributed to increases in crime in virtually all areas of New York State, including Ulster County. Jim will work with law enforcement, community leaders, and state lawmakers to find practical solutions to correct this bail reform oversteer that has led to a historic increase in crime and violence.

Mental Health Services

Thousands of our family members, friends, and neighbors struggle with the psychological impact of the pandemic and many face the challenges of pre-existing mental illnesses and addictions. As County Executive Jim Quigley will right this wrong and use the COVID-19 funds to help the people of Ulster County get the care they need.

Emergency Services

Every resident of Ulster County relies on the availability of effective ambulance, fire and police protection. As County Executive Jim Quigley will work with all stakeholders to find solutions to improve and sustain these irreplaceable functions. Cooperation will be the key to finding these solutions.


Jim Quigley is a leading voice in the region to support local renewable energy projects. And he knows that in order for the energy supply to meet the continuing increases in demand we must implement realistic options to advance our environmental goals without undermining our existing economy.

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Jobs and the Economy

As Town of Ulster Supervisor, Jim Quigley worked with public and private sector leaders to create jobs and opportunities within the Town of Ulster. Jim knows that business and government can and must work together to build a sustainable local economy.

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Respecting The Property Tax Payer

As Town of Ulster Supervisor, Jim worked with both sides of the aisle to implement smart reforms and efficiencies in order to protect property tax dollars from being wasted within the town. He’ll do the same for Ulster County. As citizens, we have an obligation to pay our fair share in taxes, but that doesn’t mean elected leaders have the right to waste our tax dollars through mismanagement, incompetence or political reward.


Since the day the Office of County Executive was created, it has been misused as a stepping stone for ambitious politicians to advance their personal goals. Those days will end with Jim Quigley as County Executive. Jim’s focus won’t be on what’s best for Jim’s career, his focus will be what’s best for the people of Ulster County. It’s the very same approach he has taken for last 12 years as Supervisor of the Town of Ulster.